Pixelwork Media Centre

A central media centre for digital advert distribution and client previewing.


A modern way of displaying digital marketing and advertising to clients

The Project.

​An internal project for the Pixelwork Design Agency. A variety of clients use the agency for digital marketing and advertising production, often requiring a large number of advertising banner sets.

The development of a user login driven system using Craft CMS to allow authorised clients to access listings of digital banners, banner revisions and banner previews in a browser environment, replacing the previous method of simply email the client a compressed folder containing a selection of banners.

The site enables the client to view their banner sets, previous revision histories, archived banner sets, preview the banner on alternate background colours, view video based banners, as well as an interface to present mobile banners in a pseudo mobile environment.


A project undertaken whilst Lead Digital Developer at Pixelwork Ltd.


Front End Flat Design

Front End Development

CMS Integration and Systems

Information Architecture

Development and Maintenance

Server Management

Git Management


Each client has access to their associated banner sets and banner revision histories, locked behind a login system.

Banners can be organised in collections and sets, as well as options for bulk downloads in a compressed folder format.


The site also has a variety of user interface options, the user is able to switch banner background colours to view the banner on different backgrounds, and switch between desktop and mobile viewing.

A pseudo mobile banner placement viewport was also created that enables the client to view a mobile banner in an example mobile layout.


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